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Ilford HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera
Ilford HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera Ilford HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera Ilford HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera

Ilford HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera

New onto the market, the Ilford Pinhole Camera Kit includes:
- The new HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera
- 10 sheets of Ilford Delta 100 5x4" film
- 10 sheets of Ilford Multigrade Paper
- 10 sheets of 4x5" Harman Direct Positive Fibre photographic Paper
- Exposure calculator

The Harman Titan is a totally new design. From the ground up, ideal for the demands of the photographic fine artistic, student, educational and professional users. The camera features a strong injection moulded frame into which a standard 5x4" double dark slide (film holder) locates securely and conveniently in seconds. On the front side the standard 72mm wide angle pinhole cone clips into place and holds the removeable pinhole mount. The Pinhole itself is no ordinary pinhole - it is acid etched so as to be wafer thin allowing the sharpest possible image from a pinhole. However, the pinhole is interchangeable with your own custom pinhole should the standard one be too "perfect".

5x4" Darkslide, film holder - is a simple way of holding the film or paper for use in the camera. You can position one sheet in each side. Locate the holder in the camera body, pull out the darkslide and then you are ready to expose. At the end of the exposure (note - pinhole exposures are normally measured in minutes or even hours!) replace the darkslide. You can then turn the holder around and use the other sheet. After using the holder you can take it from the camera to the darkroom / changing bag to remove the exposed film. There are light traps so that the removal / replacement of the darkslide does not affect the film/paper.

5x4" darkslides are available new from Ag Photographic as a separate purchase or together in our complete pinhole kit. They are also available on the second hand market, but make sure they are light tight as many have had a hard life on location or in the studio!

Processing and handling film and paper - Customers new to handling light sensitive film and paper should take a look at our selection of kits and changing bags. Processing film and paper is very straight forward, but customers are welcome to call us for technical assistance any time. Either film or paper may be used in the camera. Paper is less sensitive than film so exposure times are longer.


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