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Instant Cameras

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The instant cameras are now back in vogue. The Polaroid cameras come in four different variants: the Land camera from the 1960's, the SX-70 from the 1970's and the more popular 600 series from the 1990's with a limited-run Spectra/Impulse also from the 1990's. Impossible make film for all of these cameras in colour and black and white. The Fuji Instax camera range starts with the instax mini 8 or 'panda' camera as it's sometimes known with a full range of film available.
NEW Impossible camera!
Fully-refurbished Polaroid 600 series camera.
Wide-format Instax.
Starter pack for Fuji instax mini 8
Starter pack for Fuji instax mini 8
Make Polaroids from your smart phone!