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Adox re-make of the superb AGFA Multi Contrast Classic. Made to typically exacting standards, it is now possible to enjoy using this wonderful fibre based paper once again. The emulsions are being produced on the original Agfa machinery. They are identical in all measurable parameters with the papers formerly sold by Agfa under the "Agfa Multicontrast Classic" name. This paper is among the technologically most advanced papers in the world. With its four separate emulsions which are coated together, it yields a range of achievable contrasts from 0 to 5.5. The paper is made from selected raw ingredients which are all carefully tested for their photographic properties prior to emulsification. Before every coating run several test runs are made on on smaller machines in order to guarantee perfect batch to batch consitency. The paper achieves a great tonal range and crisp blacks and in order to increase the paper´s brilliance, it is coated on a bright white base (unlike its predecessors which were coated on a tinted base). The paper dries easily and reacts well to toning.