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Adox Rodinal 500ml (Agfa Rodinal)

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ADOX RODINAL is formulated to the exact specifications of original RODINAL, as made by AGFA up until the demise of the company in 2005. As such it is identical to that developer. Normally diluted 1:25 or 1:50. However dilutions of 1:100 - 1:200 are not unheard of.

RODINAL is by far the best known high acutance developer. Negatives have a biting sharpness, generally coarser grain and it is thought of as being an ideal developer for slower speed films, which it is, but as always in black and white photography there are no fixed rules and many photographers have found it to be an excellent companion to some ultra high speed films. We would not recommend it as an ideal all rounder, but it is a developer photographers should always have to hand - and its excellent shelf life makes it ideal for this purpose - even when opened it can last many years.

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