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CINESTILL DF 96 Monobath 1L conc.

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NEW Cinestill DF96 is a very simple to use monobath B&W developer - meaning there is only one bath to develop and fix the film! (Normal B&W film development is 2 bath, developer followed by fixer) With DF96 Development is automatically, and seamlessly, followed by fixation. Furthermore, it is impossible to overdevelop your film because the fix takes over from development before this can happen.

DF96 is very easy to use because all you need is a developing tank and be able to process at room temperature (20deg.C.). This 1L concentrate is capable of processing up to 16 35mm 36 B&W films. Just mix back together the used developer and add 15 seconds for each roll previously processed until you hit a processing time of 8 minutes.

Shelflife is approximately 12 months from purchase and once open use within 2 months.

DF96 works best with regular, traditional B&W films like Ilford FP4, HP5, Kodak Tri-X, Fomapan 100,200,400 etc. May also be used to process tabular grain films like Kodak T-Max or Ilford Delta but works best with these if used at 27deg.C. and with double the clearing time. May be used with Ultra High speed films Delta 3200 and T-Max 3200, but the films should have been rated at 1000 ASA. With these limitations in mind, we would probably restrict use to the regular films like HP5 as mentioned.

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