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Cleaning and Maintenance

12 products
Nova Tar Buster KIT
Powerful darkroom detergent. Colour or B&W.
Nova Tar Buster REFILL
Refill only.
Nova Tar Buster 5L REFILL
Refill only. 5 Litres.
Rodenstock Lens Cloth
Superb microfibre cloth - the best we've used!
Technotape clean Air Spray 500ml
To be used with Kenro type screw on nozzel
Technotape Clean Air Spray 500ml (nozzel)
With integrated nozzel
Kenair Air Duster Master Kit 360ml
Contains Kenair Master valve & Kenair duster cartridge
Kenair Air Duster & Dust Vac Kit 360ml
Contains Kenair Master valve, Kenair duster cartridge and Vac accessory.