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Fujichrome Velvia 50 120 5 Pack SHORT DATE

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120 Roll Film, 5 Pack

Dated: 07/2019 - 08/2019. Older stocks will be exhausted first.
Normal price: £47.90
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As always with well stored film, unless shooting colour critical subject matter ( it is unlikely there will be any visible impairment to the performance of this film, even 12-24 months beyond date.

Fuji Fujichrome Velvia 50 is a very fine grained colour reversal (slide / transparency) film with high saturation and vivid colour. Velvia 50 is the original speed film for landscape and nature. In the right conditions, can also be used for striking portraiture.

This film requires E6 Processing - please see our sister site

We obtain this film direct from FUJIFILM UK. It has been delivered to Fujifilm UK from Japan through the proper channels without the risk of x-ray.

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