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Hahnemühle PHOTO RAG® BARYTA 315gsm

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100% Cotton, Baryta, Bright White

Hahnemühle PHOTO RAG® BARYTA is a heavy weight paper with a bright white base and traditional Baryta - this is the material traditionally used in silver gelatin fibre based papers for darkroom use, also known as Barium Sulphate. This paper is ideal for portraiture and has a very smooth gloss surface, although it is not too glossy, striking a great balance. As 100% cotton, this is a paper which will offer great archival qualities.

NOTE, SUMMER 2010: All Hahnemühle sheet paper now comes in 25 sheet boxes - 20 & 50 sheet boxes are discontinued. There may be some residual stocks of 20's and 50's for some time: please ask for availability. 0121 444 5352