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Kodak RA4 Bleach-Fix 4x5L

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Kodak Ektacolor RA4 4x5L BLEACH FIX (BLIX) - An absolutely  ideal kit for the low volume user, at an amazing price. The great thing about this kit is that it will make a total of 20 Litres, but is supplied at 4 separate A & B bottles so you never have to 'break into' and make up the next batch of 5 litres until you need to, allowing the concentrates to remain sealed in their packaging. Used to its maximum, this kit would process many hundreds of prints.

Photo shows the 4 A & B concentrates + carton. To give an idea of scale, the bottles are around 1L size (label says "5 litres" because they will make 5L working solution). Officially this chemistry should be used at 35 degrees C. However, unofficially, we believe it can be used at 20deg with some experimentation.

NOTE - This product is the BLEACH FIX (BLIX) only. The DEVELOPER kit is also required for processing paper. RA4 is a 2 bath process (Developer, Blix)

Can be used for processing in Trays, Drums, Roller transport machines (eg. Durst Printo etc.)

For anyone new to RA4 colour processing, one of the key differences over black and white chemicals, is the shelf life - even when mixed up RA4 chemicals can last up to 6 weeks as long as they are in air tight fully filled containers. (life is reduced the more air is in the container)

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