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PermaJet Ultra Pearl 295

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PermaJet ULTRA PEARL 295

PermaJet ULTRA PEARL 295 is possibly the ultimate RC Injket paper. The heavy 295gsm weight and unique anti-scan properties make this paper unique and ideal for photographers looking for an extrememly high quality and heavy weight photo inkjet paper for more commercialised applications, without using fine art papers. This paper will appeal particularly to professionals looking to emulate a traditional lab pearl surface in an injket paper. Further to this the paper has Image Protection Layer technology affording the paper a special scratch and water resistance coating. In addition to this, the surface makes prints extremely difficult to scan helping to preserve copyright.

"I've just won the PSA silver medal for the best landscape print in the 2011 Southampton  International. It was printed on Ultra Pearl and couldn’t be copied to put in the catalogue, so they had to ask for the file!!!! Proves what it says on the tin about copying! Fiona Alison FRPS”

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