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Pinhole Cameras

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Pinhole Cameras

The camera in its most simple form - using only a pin hole, as opposed to a lens

Pin hole cameras have become a very popular artistic tool capable of producing wonderful images. In view of the popularity of pinhole photography, we have a new camera from Ilford available from Mid November 2010, the HARMAN TITAN. We also offer accessories and kits to complement the pinhole camera. Click below for more information and to order. We have included below a selection of 4x5" films suitable for the Harman Titan together with other useful accessories. Please also see the main categories: Black & White Film; Colour Film; Darkroom - for further options.

Click here for the HARMAN YouTube Video! (opens new window)
Ilford HARMAN TITAN Pinhole Camera
Kit including the Harman Titan Pinhole Camera