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Platinum Gloss Warmtone 290gsm

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Fotospeed PLATINUM GLOSS WARMTONE 290gsm, also referred to as 'Unglazed Gloss', is a fine art inkjet paper modelled on the traditional fibre based silver papers used in the darkroom and features a warm base tint. Part of the "EG" (Extended Gamut) range from Fotospeed, the base is a neutral tone and the finish is very similar to a traditional fibre based darkroom paper which has been left to dry naturally - the gloss is glossy, but not too glossy (hence the name 'Unglazed gloss' - to achieve a very high gloss with a traditional FB darkroom paper, it can be 'glazed') The paper can deliver a high d-max making it beloved by monochrome printers and colour printers requiring full colour gamut.